sightline partners manages Private Equity funds that invest
in late stage medical technology companies.

Our Investment Team

Our investment team of five professionals has more than 100 years of combined experience in the medical device and diagnostic sector, including industry, private equity, venture capital and investment banking. During our careers, we have completed more than 200 transactions in the medical technology space as buyers, sellers, financiers and investors. In addition to providing capital, we believe we can add significant value by providing strategic and operational expertise to help our portfolio companies achieve value-creating milestones and orchestrate successful exits. MORE

Our Focus

Since raising our first Opportunity Fund in 2009, we have focused on a special situations strategy of investing. We operate differently from traditional venture funds in that we provide late-stage medical device and diagnostic companies with creative financing solutions that address both their capital needs and syndicate risk. We believe our strategy provides a superior risk/return profile versus traditional venture structures, as evidenced by our performance to date. SightLine Partners seeks to invest in and assist high-quality companies in the MedTech space, while stabilizing syndicates and driving superior returns for its investors. MORE

Our Approach

The gap between dollars invested and dollars raised in the medical device and diagnostic sector has proven significant and growing; this funding gap has occurred at a time when many late-stage companies are requiring more capital to move successfully from concept to launch, and when fewer options are available to finance them. The market environment has proven challenging for both medical technology companies and their investors, and has provided SightLine with both opportunity and deal flow. MORE

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