sightline partners manages Private Equity funds that invest
in late stage medical technology companies.

Our Team

The SightLine Partners team is uniquely qualified, with more than 80 years of combined experience in the medical technology sector, including industry, private equity, venture capital and investment banking. We have a keen understanding of the operational and financial challenges many private companies are facing today, and a demonstrated insight into what investors want and what potential buyers are seeking. Being successful in a challenging market environment requires a sound strategy and superior judgment – SightLine Partners possesses both. MORE

Our Focus

SightLine Partners provides innovative financing solutions to late-stage medical technology companies and creative financing alternatives to their existing investors. Since raising the first Opportunity Fund in 2009 we have focused on a secondary direct approach, which addresses the capital needs and syndicate risk in targeted companies while offering a superior risk/return profile versus traditional venture structures, as evidenced by our performance to-date. SightLine Partners seeks to invest in and assist high-quality companies in the med-tech space, while stabilizing syndicates, and driving superior returns for its investors. MORE

Our Approach

The gap between dollars invested and dollars raised in the medical device sector has proven significant and growing; this funding gap has occurred at a time when many late-stage companies are requiring more capital to move successfully from concept to launch, and when fewer options are available to finance them. The market environment has proven challenging for both med-tech companies and their investors, and has provided SightLine with both opportunity and deal flow. MORE

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